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Volunteering assignment

One of the many volunteer opportunities in the police service includes the Special Constables. The Special Constables have the same duties as Police Constable but they do not get paid for the work they do, whilst being a Special Constable, they will also have a part time Job. The service stands to gain a various range of experience and skills when having volunteers in the service. For example; some Special Constables may have experience within the Police force whereas other Specials may have little or no experience within the Police force.

The force would gain a wide vary of skills from the recruits In which this could be shared with each other. Another volunteer opportunity wealth the police force In which I volunteer with Is the Police cadets. There are benefits that are gained whilst volunteering as a Police cadet, whilst completing the scheme, new life skills will be gained for example a bigger feeling of responsibility and the knowledge on how to make the right decisions later on in life.

The first organization I will evaluate is the Police’s Special Constables. There are many advantages of which being a volunteer Special Constable would bring to many sectors. The community, government, service and the volunteer would all be advantaged of the Special Constables. The advantages of Specials In the community Include; a decrease of crime In their community due to the volunteers Glenn up their free time, this means that more officers and specials are available to patrol the streets ensuring everyone is safe.

If people from the community are volunteering it may also influence other citizens to get involved, this means the community will become more valued and better known for its good ways. In the government, Special Constables will be an advantage as this means that money is saved for the country, meaning that the community would again benefit in better things or places for the youth to go during the day and night. If the government saves money this means that youth clubs could be built resulting in a decrease of anti social behavior and also ensures safety of the younger generation.

In the service, Special Constables will be a big advantage for the police force as this means the saving of the police service’s fund. If the fund Is being saved then there would be fewer cuts In the service. As well as all the different sectors being advantaged by Specials, the volunteer would also benefit from being a special constable. These being whilst carrying out the service, ten volunteer would gal. new Skills Tanat en/seen could use In ten Torture. It would benefit the volunteer in a future career as employers look at previous volunteering they have done.

Also they would gain new experience and be able to have new opportunities, meet new people and as a Special Constable they would never become bored of their Job as everyday is different. As well as the advantages, there are disadvantage of being a volunteer Special Constable. The disadvantages of the Specials include; Specials and Police Constables not getting along with each other u to Constables being paid. Another disadvantage of this in the service could be that the specials get to involved and become disliked because they’re stealing the Constables Job.

The second organization I will evaluate is the Police Cadets. There are again advantages and disadvantages of the volunteering for this organization. The advantages outweighing the disadvantages. The advantages of being a Police Cadet include gaining knowledge that would be useful in the future, this would then go on to intervene in any future decisions that you were to make in the future. Another advantage of this is the cadet gaining new skills that will come useful when doing activities. It gives the Cadet a chance to experience what a career in the police force looks like.

Gives us a chance to meet new people and go to events in the community. The disadvantages of Volunteering in the Police Cadets include limited places which will mean not everyone will have the chance to succeed the application process or the interview process. In my opinion, I believe that volunteering is a beneficial opportunity as the person taking part gains new skills that may be useful later in future Jobs. Volunteering also cost the confidence levels you have and help build your social skills.

Relationship between Volunteerism and Employment

Situations In developing or undeveloped countries as regards unemployment are in some ways different from those in developed countries. In underdeveloped or developing countries, the Issue of high illiteracy, weak economy, bad governance and other vices extremely hinder the employment of people especially the youth. The bottom line is that unemployment exists in every society. Individuals search for means to secure employment and governments holistically search for other means to reduce their Mounties unemployment rate.

Some of the efforts to reduce unemployment Is manifested in the promotion of volunteerism. For this paper, I like to look at the relationship between volunteering and employment. Does volunteering automatically secure employment for volunteers? Are there benefits in volunteering? It will also give tips on volunteerism. There are various definitions for volunteering and employment. Volunteering Is defined in the UK as an activity that involves spending unpaid time doing something that aims to benefit the environment or individuals or groups other than or in addition to) close relatives’ (Ellis Paine, A. McKay S. And Morose D. 2013). Wisped defines volunteering as an altruistic activity and is intended to promote goodness or Improve human quality of life. In return this Activity can produce a feeling of self-worth and respect. There Is no financial gain Involved for the Individual. Wilt these deflations. The grasp of key words or phrases Like “unpaid time”, “benefits to environment or individuals or groups” , “altruistic activity” and “no financial gain” are all important in knowing the detail meaning of volunteering.

I like to view volunteering as positively contributing to society through the use of one’s knowledge without the intent of receiving pay. This involves working at institutions or other places where society or environment benefits from the work of the volunteer. In a simpler way, I look at employment as acquiring pay for work done but not necessarily contributing to the society or environment. There are some thoughts as to the relationship between volunteerism and employment. Some media have supported the notion that volunteering increases the respects of securing Job (BBC video, 2009; CBS News, 2011; US News, 2012; or Smart Money, 2011).

Governments Including the United States Federal Government via Its Department of Labor also furthers similar Idea. The Corporation for National and Community Service in its publication (Spear, C. ; Greener, R. , Merino, A.. Diatoms, A. 2013), mentioned this statement from the former Secretary of Labor of the United States Government (“volunteerism can be a way to help unemployed workers expand their network of contacts, improve their rsums, and make a positive impression in a nominative Job market. ” Hilly S. Solid).

The Nigerian and Liberia Governments through their National Youth Service and President Young Professional Programs respectively, are volunteer programs Tanat Dick sun Idea Ayatollah, ten government through the Work Together, which is a pilot voluntary work scheme for unemployed youth in London and the Olympics Employment and Skill Strategy encourage or require the unemployed to do voluntary Job. I also nurtured the same idea. Many young people, labor and human resource professionals have also pushed the idea that volunteering guarantees a Job.

I was shocked with the result I found after a research was done on the “relationship between the volunteerism and Employment. The research found that there is no empirical or statistical data or research that has proven that volunteerism increases the prospects of securing Job contrary to the thoughts of many. The relationship between employment and volunteering cannot be determined Response H. , 2013) . In her research paper ( GamerГDe D. 2013), she apprised that the majority of the unemployed voluntary volunteering does not significantly raise the chances of getting a Job.

Her research also stressed that lingering has a weak or negative effect on the prospects of the majority of unemployed people in finding a new Job. This research was prepared to question the extent to which empirical evidence supports this assumption that volunteering during unemployment is a stepping stone to paid work. There are many other researches that have proven against the global assumptions that volunteering is a conduit or stepping stone to getting Job. This article is not meant to discourage you from volunteering.

In as much that there is no statistical finding that points to the high chances of securing paid Job through lingering, there are some isolated situations where volunteering at institutions brought about some entry Jobs for the unemployed. More besides, there are other benefits volunteering accrues for volunteers. Benefits for the Volunteer Volunteering benefits the volunteer. The volunteer acquires new employability skills , build networks and C.v., and try new vocations ( Ellis Paine, A. , et al. 2013; GamerГDe D. 2013; and Jorgensen H. , 2013).

Employability Skills Work environment varies from institution to institution. Volunteering usually gives the volunteer diverse ideas in getting work done. When this is done continuously, the volunteer becomes adapted to the modus operandi of that task and work environment thus learning new skills. These new skills prepare the volunteer for the world of employment. If given a paid Job, the acquired skills from volunteering can be used to get the paid Job done. Build Network Deviously, when you enter a new place, you get to meet toner people you nave not met before.

This is the same with volunteering. When you volunteer at a new place, you get to meet people for the first time. Your new acquaintances can range from rebellions within your career circle or other careers, new career chasers and those that have not yet began their career. Usually, these are people that supervise you, you supervise, you volunteer with, or volunteer for ( bosses) . They become your workmates. Your interactions via work or other professional means allows you to get to know them better and they also get to know you more.

This builds your contacts not only with professionals but other individuals in the middle or down the career ladder. You never know. These are contacts that become important in securing a pay bob or recommending you for a Job. There are several instances of people using contacts from their volunteering Job to secure employment not only at their volunteering institution but also at other institutions. It is always positive to keep good relationship with all contacts where you volunteer. It often pays off.

Building of C.v. or Resumes In recruitment, many employers will prefer an employee that has had prior experience in the field or area for which that employee is to be employed. The employer might not necessary require experience from a previous paid Job. Volunteering helps to achieve this. This is important for people that have no prior Job experience. Most inexperience people indicate volunteer Jobs on their C.v. or resumes. This indicates to would-be employers that you have had prior Job experience.

If the Job requires prior experience, the experience from the volunteered job could aid in securing the paid Job. I usually recommend that whether experienced or inexperienced, it is important to mentioned on your C.V. or resume, those important volunteer Jobs you have done. It does not only show that you have some experience but indicates that you care for society and acquiring compensation room Job is not a very high priority. The volunteer might have other internal reasons but many employers reason from that perspective.

Caring about the society will depend on the institution you volunteer for. Usually, volunteering for charitable institutions shows that you care about society or environment. Many institutions or governments relate volunteerism to charitable or not- for- profit institutions. Most sponsored training applications and scholarships highly welcome applicants that volunteers for the society or environment. So, sharing with people and institutions urbanely and via your C.V. or profile about your volunteer Jobs and experiences, are very paramount in climbing the career ladder.

New Vocation or Occupation Volunteering helps volunteers to choose their career pathway. When you volunteer, you try different types of task, meet with people and also grow work confidence. These compounded experiences help you to sometimes discover your inner passion from the various task performed, and also talking to peers and professionals in the same field. A youth camp volunteer wrote “l did not know I could speak in public and lead people until now. I nana you Tort allowing me to volunteer r”.

I Nils volunteer was unaware that he was good at leading people until he volunteered as a camp worker. He has since gone to pursue a career in Human Resource Management to strengthen his abilities in motivating and leading people. From a research standpoint, there is no statistical finding that points to the increase chances of acquiring employment through volunteering. Government, media, individuals that sponsor such idea that volunteering secures the volunteer a paid Job are actually based on assumptions and are meant to encourage people to volunteer.

Pursuasive Speech on Volunteering for the Elderly

You’ve read the newspaper stories and have seen the reports on TV: an elderly person is physically, emotionally, or sexually abused – how about the one that was volcanically exploited by a family member or most recently here locally patients In a long-term care facility are being victimized by staff members. Fact: According to the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability (Tennessee. Gob), in 2012- 2,032 cases of elder abuse were reported.

Fact: only 1 In 23 cases of elder abuse are reported. When something like this happens, we all ask ourselves how, and we wonder why someone can’t someone Intervene before these crimes are committed. The truth Is, someone could (and should) have helped long before any elder was victimized. That’s where you come In. Volunteer for the elderly. Today I will explain no matter what you are good at or even not so good at you can help by being a volunteer. Today I will give you the basics of how and where you can start to be a volunteer.

Finally, today I will show you how you make a difference being a volunteer for the elderly. I know you are asking yourself- How can I help? I am not good at anything. That’s the beauty of It, you don’t have to be. There are numerous areas that you can help out when helping seniors. There’s volunteering to help disables seniors, for example – Chris – you can help – you could plant some of your day lilies to spruce up the lady house down the street. I’m sure you can remember the one always known as grandma and back when she was able to do her yard work.

Sally- was there ever someone that always was helping your dad or granddad on the car but now his lath has failed and he wouldn’t have the breath to change his own OLL but he also can’t afford to pay someone. You can help. The public library needs volunteers to distribute books to those that are unable to leave their homes, Deanna – you can help even Just 1 person once every 2 weeks to renew or return the books for them. Who knows they could live on your street. Meals on wheels need volunteers every day, and Tanya, did you know you can help out with that?

Yep, you can cook so you can help. Hospice can use your help; assisted living facilities are in desperate need your help also. Brenda that could be you – helping with education for women on self-breast exams. You can help. So how do you start volunteering for seniors? It’s easy. Depending on how you want to volunteer is up to you. E-how. Com states, if you choose to be in a place setting such as a nursing none, Diary, etc. , you wall proudly nave to Till out a volunteer application, undergo a criminal background check and have an informal interview and possibly training.

But the benefits outweigh the formalities ten to one. I have some flyers here that help provide steps on how to choose volunteer work hat’s right for you. An even easier way to start is Just go visit someone. Hold the door open for someone. Walk down the street and help someone by finishing taking the trash to the curb. Beth – you can contact the volunteer coordinator at your church and ask how you can help, I am sure they visit shut-ins. Carla -you can call the activities director of an assisted-living facility and ask how you can volunteer by maybe bringing you kids down there to brighten their day.

Karen – you could bake an extra loaf of bread and drop it off at the soup kitchen in your area. There are endless ways to start volunteering. So how do you make a difference in volunteering? Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community. But did you know that it can have many benefits for you too? I’d like to share with you some benefits of volunteering from world volunteer web. Org (Web). 1. Learn or develop a new skill, David could you spend 45 minutes tinkering with someone in a garage or woodshed willing to learn their way of doing things? 2.

Be part of your community (Volunteering is ultimately about helping others and avian an impact on people’s wellbeing). Mr.. Woods, could you spend extra 30 minutes or so after a presentation with a little old lady that had questions about her husband’s heart condition and the quickest way she will get him help? What better way is there to connect with your community and give a little back? 3. Motivation and sense of achievement, unlike many things in life there is choice involved in volunteering. As a volunteer you have made a decision to help on your own accord, free from pressure to act from others.

Volunteers predominantly express a sense of achievement and motivation, and this is ultimately generated from your desire and enthusiasm to help. 4. Boost your career options,( A survey carried out by Timeline through Reed Executive showed that among 200 of the U. S. Leading businesses 73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without 94% of employers believe that volunteering can add to skills 94% of employees who volunteered to learn new skills had benefited either by getting their first Job, improving their salary, or being promoted. Ay I nave covered tenure Important reasons to volunteer, one – even tong you think you can’t do anything special you can still volunteer, two- I have armed you with the knowledge and ability to start volunteering and third I have shown you that you do make a difference. Send a signal to your employer, teachers, friends and family… People do pay attention to your life outside the environment in which they have direct contact with you. Volunteering reflects and supports a complete picture of you, and gives real examples of your commitment, dedication and interests.

Power of Volunteering

I thought they volunteer just to give back o the community but not to read that when their house burnt down the community helped them threw in a curve ball. Since I have never volunteered my personal connection would be the other day driving to McDonald’s I saw a homeless man with a sign saying scared can you please spare some change. Every time I see a homeless person I always think well that could be me I could be homeless and that is why I never take anything for granted.

So after going through the drive thru and getting food I ordered something for the homeless man because I TLD know when he last ate and Just seeing his sign really made me sad. In the article the thesis Is the last sentence In the article stating that their family spends their free time volunteering. When reading the article the thesis Is at the end of the paragraph and the author really gets readers hooked on wanting to read more. It tells you what they don’t do on their free time so leaves you wondering and wanting to know more.

The thesis does state one opinion but not their main points until the second and third paragraph stating that their father and her volunteers at a food bank, her mother volunteers at a hospital greeting people at the front desk, and her sister works at a shelter for dogs. When reading the title it does draw me in because it makes me wonder what volunteering the author Is doing. The introduction keeps me wondering because it states they do not spend much time at home, so It has me reading more and folding out what they do when they are not home.

In the first paragraph it states that where they all volunteer, In the second It states what they do. In every paragraph It helps you understand a little more about their volunteering and keeps us reading to find out more. In each body paragraph the author relates to the topic sentence. The author gives details of what they do while volunteering and then give examples. In the first paragraph they start exampling where they volunteer, while in the second paragraph they give details on what they do.

Her father and her work at the food bank organizing and counting food, her mother greets people at the front desk of the hospital, while her sister works at the shelter playing with homeless dogs. The author examples why they all love volunteering saying her father loves knowing a child will have food to eat that day, her mother loves comforting sick people and comforting their loved ones, while her sister loves playing with dogs who are locked In their cages all clay. Can Day paragraph gives Dull details Ana examples to let ten readers know what they do while volunteering and not guessing or confused.

In the conclusion the author restates each main points by saying they may not spend much time at home but when they volunteer they know a hungry person receives food, frightened people find comfort, and homeless dogs receive love. The conclusion is very strong and lets the readers know what all they have exampled in the story. In the end they state that when they volunteer they know comfort and happiness spreads and personally the author could have added another sentence UT they do let the reader know how they feel. The author’s word choice are very simple and easily understanding.

While reading this article I had no confusion and could understand when they were exampling every detail. They never used any slang or contractions. When reading this article I could understand and get an idea of what they were doing while volunteering and imagine what they were doing. In the beginning the author states a simple sentence saying, “The members of my family do not spend much free time at home”. It gives us a subject and verb but could explain something else in the sentence as well. A impound sentence in the article is we do have a social life, but socializing is not the largest part of our free time.

They explain that they have a social life but it is not the largest part in their daily life as volunteering is. A complex sentence in the article would be when the author says, “In addition, everyone in my family enjoys the great rewards of sharing”. If I wrote this essay I would not have changed anything until the last sentence. The author could have added another sentence to explain why comfort and happiness spreads when volunteering. I think the author wrote the paragraph well and gave details supporting each paragraph.

When reading this article it helps me realize that when writing essays if you give an example on what you are doing you need to have details explaining why and what happens when volunteering. The author states that when their house burnt down the community helped them and that’s why they give back and have a motive. The author could have Just wrote that they volunteer and why but they give full examples to let the readers know and get a feel on why they like to give back to the community, and to see happiness for people and animals spread and grow funded.

Persuasive Speech Outline: Volunteering

I personally have volunteered at numerous events and locations such as Sonorously, an anti-drug and bullying program for fourth and fifth graders, and my local elementary school. I too have experienced this Warm fuzzy feeling that you get after you help others. However, contrary to some people’s beliefs, these temporary good feelings are not the only benefits of volunteering. Volunteering has social benefits, physical and mental health benefits, and career benefits as well. College students lack many of these benefits In their own lives but can easily fulfill their need for these elements through volunteering.

This Is why all college students should participate In some type of volunteer work. L. (Need): College students often have social, physical and mental health, and career problems. A. Colonization is crucial for the development of college students yet it is frequently hard to obtain. 1 . Antonio Losing, in an article in the Journal of Higher Education, states that “interpersonal interactions are a primary contributor to [students’] overall development In college. ” 2. However, almost half of the class Indicated that, as college students, It Is radar groups. O connect with others and make friends outside your normal social our 3. Therefore, this difficulty in colonization and finding new friends can harm personal growth. B. Additionally, college students often battle with health problems. 1 . Twelve out of seventeen people in the class believe college students are more prone to developing physical and mental health problems than other a. Many of you indicated your concern with physical health problems such as easily becoming sick. Using drugs, drinking, smoking, getting little and having poor nutrition. Sleep, .

Others stated college students struggle with mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress. A 2004 survey done by the American that “nearly half of all college students 2. According to www. Healthfulness. Org, College Health Association revealed report feeling so depressed at some pilot In tale Tanat teeny nave trouble the criteria for clinical depression. ” Tunneling, Ana Tinted percent meet C. It is also difficult for college students to obtain skills for future careers and find jobs once they graduate college. 1 . An article on website life. Malediction. Com, written by Susan Shelley, claims the that “for many new graduates, figuring out what to do after college is biggest initial challenge. ” 2. Shelley explains that “studies show that most college graduates do not make a seamless transition from student to employed person” and “it can take a while to find a Job. ” Connective: Students in college evidently face many challenges; however, these challenges can be alleviated. II. (Satisfaction): College students can eliminate many social, physical and mental health, and career problems by simply volunteering. A.

Students reap social benefits through volunteering. 1 . In a Journal article from Parks and Recreation, Catty Roland and Marriage Van Pembroke claim that “volunteering provides an important opportunity for social connectedness,” it creates a Metal social support network,” and it increases “new relationships and social ties. ” who wrote The Complete Idiot’s Guide to “one of the best ways to meet new people and that volunteering is “a great way to meet never meet. ” 2. Furthermore, Preston Graylag, Volunteering for Teens, reveals that and make friends is to volunteer” people you otherwise might 3.

As a result, volunteering can help increase colonization among college students, including several people in this class, who find it difficult to connect with others and find new friends outside of their normal social groups. 4. Volunteering will also increase students’ overall development that was linked to colonization in college in Likings article that I previously mentioned. B. College students can improve their physical and mental health through volunteering. Philanthropy, 1 . According to Ian Wilhelm in a Journal article in the Chronicle of lingering can add years to your live, lower rates of depression, and help you not volunteer. Cover faster from illnesses than people who do a. Therefore, volunteering can help decrease the high prevalence of depression found amongst college students. B. Volunteering can help college students recover quicker from the germs that are spread around dorms and college campuses. 2. In The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Volunteering for Teens by Preston Graylag, it additionally says that volunteering “gives you a greater sense of self-worth and independence. ” a. The book also states that volunteering makes you more optimistic and “can give you a new outlook on life. ” b.

This boost in college students’ mental health can further aid some of the Neal problems ten class Analytical Tanat college students possess sun as stress and anxiety. C. Since volunteering also helps increase students’ sense of self-worth, it may decrease the number of students who adapt unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drinking, and using drugs that the class identified as other college health problems. C. Volunteering has many positive career benefits for college students. Many people believe that having volunteer experience does little to influence an employer’s decision to hire individuals; however, this is not the case.

Preston Graylag, in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Volunteering for claims that if a potential employer sees that you have already volunteering in an area related to your career, you are more hired. Teens, spent time likely to be b. Graylag also says that even volunteer work not related to your career can help you get a Job because it shows “that you have real-world experience, and that you’re willing to work even if you’re not getting paid. 2. Graylag further mentions that is a great way to try out different careers” and can help you decide on what you would like to do with your future. . An article in the Journal Black Enterprise, edited by Sonic Allen, additionally network with portfolio of work reports that gives professionals the opportunity to peers, share existing skills, learn new ones, and add to their experience” which can lead to career advancement. Connective: After looking at how college students can ease these problems through volunteering, it is important to imagine how volunteering can personally affect our ivies. Ill. (Visualization): College students can greatly improve their lives through A.

Many people claim they do not have time to volunteer and it is too much work for the small gains they receive from it. 1. I have already explored how there are a vast number of social, mental, physical, and career benefits you receive though volunteering. 2. It is true that, as college students, it is very hard to find extra time between classes, studying, homework, Jobs, and clubs. Probably times in your schedule where you find unproductive or with an hour or two to spare. A. However, there are ourselves extremely b. Looking at it this way, you can probably find a few hours at least every month to volunteer.

B. Keeping the previous point in mind, now imagine your life and what you will be doing this Saturday. 1 . Many college students will clamor out of their beds halfway through the day. A. After fully waking up, perhaps you will feel a bit stressed about your enormous work load wilt n Totals Ana Ana AT ten year projects coming b. Maybe you also have some troubles with your social life that are causing you anxiety. C. Seniors will most likely be anticipating graduation and worrying about owe they will manage to secure a Job or position in a graduate program after college. 2.

After you spend most of you day trying to distract yourself from the menacing pile of work in the corner to your room and other personal concerns, you finally sit down to get some homework done. 3. However, you don’t even get halfway through the first paragraph of that research paper that is worth twenty percent of your grade before putting down your pen with a big sigh and letting feelings of depression and worthlessness sink in. 4. Instead, you decide to go to bed early and hope that your fairy godmother ill complete the rest of your assignments with a magical flick of her wand.

C. Now imagine your life this Saturday with the addition of a service project. 1. You are a bit annoyed by your alarm clock going off at 8:00 am but once you get out of bed you find yourself wide awake and ready to go. 2. After getting dressed and having breakfast, you head out to volunteer at a hospital, school, or whatever other site that catches your interest. 3. After getting back around lunch time, the time in which many college students just waking up, you feel rejuvenated and more optimistic about your life trustful workload. Are and a.

While volunteering you got a much needed colonization break from your long school week and even meet a few new people. B. You also feel good knowing your hard work and dedication now may help you secure a Job in the future. 4. Feeling less anxious, you decide to head to the library and work on that huge research paper. A. You spend most of your evening working on the paper but are extremely relieved it is now complete. B. Now you will not have to worry about producing a low quality paper that blatantly displays that you rushed though it Sunday night. 5.

You now have the rest of the night to relax and enjoy watching a movie and making pizza and popcorn with your friends. D. Clearly, involving volunteer work in your life can make a huge difference. Conclusion (Action): Overall, many college students have problems on a social, physical and mental health, and career-centered level that can be relieved though volunteering. Therefore, all college students should do some form of volunteer work. I am providing everyone with a list of websites that you can go on to easily find volunteer work in an area that interests you.

I challenge everyone to visit at least one f these websites in the next week and search for a volunteer project or program you can sign up for. With summer break quickly nearing us, we will have much more time in our schedules to make volunteer commitments. Furthermore, I challenge you to ratline now you tank tout volunteer work. For example, IT you Tell Like hard to go somewhere and volunteer over the school year, why not consider volunteering your time by becoming a pen pal with a soldier overseas? By simply setting aside enough time to write out a weekly letter to your pen pal you can brighten a soldier’s day and perhaps whole week.

I have included the email of the Adapt-A-Soldier Club at Benedictine for anyone interested in this particular volunteer option. Finally, I would like everyone to recall the last question I asked you on my questionnaire. It asked if you would be likely to volunteer if you were provided with websites you could look up volunteer opportunities on. Thirteen out of seventeen people in this class replied yes. I am now hoping this number has changed to seventeen out of seventeen. Here is that list of websites and here is your opportunity. Now there is only one question: Will you stick to your reply?

Persuasive speech on volunteer work

Persuasive speech on volunteer work Intro It seems like most people who are trying to persuade you to do volunteer work are always trying to get you at their one specific company or organization. They show you all the benefits of working there and everything you should get out of it, all the reasons why it’s the best place to go. I’m sure one reason after another goes in one ear and out the other, especially when you have to listen to so many of them. Well today I want to discuss why any volunteer work Is Important In Itself and It’s not so much about where you go or what you do but rather that you go out there and do It.

First I will start with the importance of volunteering and why you personally should get involved, then I will talk about why volunteering should be voluntary and at a place that interests you (that’s not something we are used to thinking about but an important point nonetheless), and last tell you about what I learned during my volunteer work and why the Riley Arena Ice Rink In Cody WY Is one great option for getting out there and starting to volunteer. Body The Importance of Volunteering 1. How it helps the community and why it is needed a.

We all live in a community and the condition of it affects who we are and what we o. If its run down or has high standards b. A simple act of kindness can change a whole persons day or even their life c. Volunteering provides needed labor that may otherwise not be provided l. WY Is ranked 18th In the country for volunteer work with about 30 Percent of residents consistently volunteering. (www. Valetudinarianism’s. Gob) it’s a pretty good number but I think we can do better. Lie. In 2012 a total of 14. 8 Million hours of work was given by WY residents resulting in $327 Million dollars’ worth of service iii.

The sad part- a big chunk of those people are all over the age of 55. We need young people do to this too! I’m sure your thinking well that’s because I don’t really get anything out of It, that’s why only old people do It… But that leads to my next point of how It helps you 2. How It helps you specifically a. Learn new skills that can come in handy in life I. According to www. Worthlessness’s. Org 73 percent of employers would rather hire a person with volunteer work than without. And 94 percent of employers think that volunteer work can add useful skills to the Job. I’. 4 percent of employees who volunteer actively either got a raise in salary or promoted over the employees who onto volunteer. If the raise came down to you and one other person b. Increased sense of self-worth I. People who volunteer actively are 63 percent more confident in themselves according to that same study. I don’t know about you but I sure could use a bit more confidence, especially up here. Lie. It can give you a sense of belonging and of being needed. This Is bigger for men than woman because a lot of times men want to be useful and seen as doing good for the benefit of others.

It’s who we are and volunteering Is a great way to accomplish Tanat. C. Provokes opportunity to meet new people I. Meeting new people could lead to contacts in the future and it’s always a good idea to know as many people as possible, whether its people you are working with or helping serve it. You never know when having friends will come in handy iii. Can introduce you to people in completely different walk of life or environments and that could be life changing in itself. Why Volunteering Should Be Voluntary 1 . We usually don’t think about what doing volunteer work really means.

We tend to skip across a big point… That it’s our choice to do. 2. According to Google. Com the rod voluntary comes from the Latin word Voluntary which means “out of free will” a. If we are going to pick somewhere to volunteer at it should be somewhere that we want to work at. Make it something that’s important to you! This will help in multiple ways including I. Increased happiness when doing the work. No one wants to be bored all day with something they don’t believe is important. Ii. The quality of work is improved which makes the place you are helping at even more thankful iii.

Sense of self-worth is even higher because we are helping with something that we know is deed b. If you don’t volunteer with something you value you will get bored and not enjoy doing the work thus resulting in less time spent doing the work. So what’s the point then? It’s all about our will and what we think is right. Riley Arena Ice Rink -now I get to tell you all about my work here and why it’s a great place to start a volunteering career at 1 . Background of Riley Arena a. Ice Skating Rink in Cody WI’ that started in 1999 by Mr.. Riley (according to the riley arena website that is) b.

During warmer months it also holds banquets and other rage gatherings which can be scheduled through their website c. Homes the Yellowstone Quake hockey team 2. Why it’s a good start a. The work wasn’t too hard, mostly Just time consuming. We mopped the floor and bleachers a few times b. They were very flexible with the hours that we wanted to come in help and always seemed thankful for us to be there. C. It really does look great on a resume and will let people know you volunteered at a “cool” place (it is an ice rink after all) 3. How and why it fit me a.

I found a lot of pride in volunteering here because I felt like it’s somewhere that isn’t get a lot of attention but still needed people to help at, even if it was cleaning bathrooms. B. Although I wasn’t out saving the world, or the children, or the animals, or the elderly… ‘ was still making a difference in people’s lives. Conclusion In the end that’s what really matters anyway right, helping people in need and being a blessing in someone’s life. Volunteering is about helping the community around you and at the same time helping yourself, whether that is advancing your career or just making yourself feel good.

My Volunteer Experience

My volunteer experience was conducted at the Little People’s Village, which is a day care center in Langford, Georgia. My supervisor’s name was Mr.. Larry Grimly. I chose this agency because I wanted to work with small kids. The agency is deeply rooted in the church, so I knew this would be a good choice because I was brought up in the church myself. Since a local church funds the agency, I knew it would be a positive background for both the children and l. I rendered service to the agency.

My revises included reading to the children, playing with the children, feeding the baby, and most of all I made sure the children were safe and out of danger when Mr.. Grimly was not in the room. The main duty I had to perform was overseeing the children. The main objective I wanted to pursue was how do young kids react to strangers? To achieve this objective, I interacted with the children. Shells, 3, and Fred, 4, didn’t associate with me at first. After my second day, they opened up to me and enjoyed my interaction with them.

Venin, who was ten months old, didn’t like me at all. No matter how much I held her or played with her she was still afraid of me. After two weeks she opened up to me and accepted my interaction with her. This all goes to show that kids have to become familiar with a person and trust them before they let their guard down. My volunteer experience at the day care really Impacted my life. From my experience I have learned to be more patient with children and I now try to understand why they do the things they do.

I have also learned that kids are sensitive and require more love than they give. Children will also try to run over you If you let them. I think I had a great experience from the Little People’s Village. I obtained many skills from there. The main factor that facilitated or Impeded my accomplishments Is my love for children. Mr.. Grimly trained me well for Involvement with childcare. He taught me everything about childcare and the kids at the agency that could be taught in an eight-week period.

My service learning professor aided me In understanding that I was going to volunteer and to be the best volunteer that I could be. I think more Instruction time before the volunteer experience would help future volunteers. This Is a good suggestion for the Improvement of the program because many students need more time to discuss Issues about the volunteer experience with their professors. My Volunteer Experience By Expressway Contributor My volunteer experience at the day care really impacted my life. From my and require more love than they give.

Children will also try to run over you if you let skills from there. The main factor that facilitated or impeded my accomplishments is my love for children. Mr.. Grimly trained me well for involvement with childcare. He in an eight-week period. My service learning professor aided me in understanding I think more instruction time before the volunteer experience would help future volunteers.

My Literacy of Volunteering at the Special Olympics

My Literacy of Volunteering at the Special Olympics Normally when someone thinks of volunteering at the Special Olympics, they probably think of the fact that It Is community service and It Is something that looks good on applications for a job or college. What they do not think about Is how rewarding and incredible the experience actually is. Growing up, I had always been around mentally challenged adults and children because my mom works with them through Central Valley Regional Center as an intake counselor. When she asked me if I wanted to volunteer one year, I was excited and figured if anything, it would be a fun time.

However, I had come to find out that it wasn’t just “fun”, it was a learning experience for me also. There is definitely much more behind it than Just helping the athletes compete. It is an awesome opportunity to experience all the positive energy and personal achievement. Every year I find myself bonding and cheering on my peers whose challenges Like Downs Syndrome or autism disappears between us while our mall focus Is on their events they compete In. Not many people take the time to volunteer or some just don’t even know how to go about doing so. I make sure to spread the word that It Is open for anyone and everyone to volunteer their time.

I choose to bring someone new with me every year to share the gratifying experience by my side in hopes that they can help spread awareness of this event and get others interested as well. That very first year of volunteering with my mom a few years back, there was an incident that took place that helped me right then and there, realize that I wanted to come back every year for the rest of my life. I left the event that day with a new appreciation for life, which I have continued to do every other time since then. The feeling of Joy I get anytime the inspiring athletes are surrounding me will ever fade.

As I mentioned, my very first opportunity as a Special Olympics volunteer was an eye-opener and something I could never forget. I remember that beautiful, cloudless April morning and excellently walking up to the track and field area where all the athletes were In groups. To start the day, everyone saluted the flag as Fred, a well- known Special Olympics athlete with Downs Syndrome, gave an amazing performance of the national anthem. Afterwards, the first group of runners got ready to take position at the starting line to anxiously begin their first race of the day, the 00-meter run (two laps).

The sound of the gun sent the runners off and the crowd cheering loudly throughout the stadium. Watching them run those laps with such enthusiasm set the tone perfectly for the rest of the day I was about to have. They all crossed the finish line short-winded, yet heartily with their hands pumping ecstatically In the air. A couple minutes later, suddenly, another random athlete was seen running around the track looking Just as overjoyed. The crowd was slightly confused as to where this athlete came from and why he was running In the 800- deter race that he TLD even start when the rest of competitors did. L did It! I did it'” He cheered as he approached the finish line. This athlete had come running so quickly past ten Tells Ellen Ana Llano’s stop, Just Kept going Dull steam enema. Seeing just how much happiness was beaming upon him, I felt I needed to direct him towards the area where the rest of the 800-meter participants were to receive an award. Even though it was a race he wasn’t even a part of in the first place, he was still giving a prime example of such great personal achievement and positivist; and cause of that, he was so deserving of that award.

I was finally able to chase him down to let him know that he was getting an one for the amount of devotion and hard work he put into the race. “Follow me, you’re a winner! You will be receiving an award for that performance,” I said as I celebrated with him. He simply responded by giving me the biggest smile followed with a hug and even some tears from his eyes. He didn’t even need to use words to show me how thankful he was. What was even more captivating was watching him accept his award while his family stood aside tit huge smiles reaching from cheek to cheek. “Congratulations Michael! I heard his family proudly shouting at him. This left me with an indescribable feeling that will never, ever slip my memory. I ran track throughout all my middle school and high school years and don’t get me wrong, I have seen countless athletes compete on the track. However, let me Just say, I have NEVER witnessed athletes with so much passion while competing. At my past track meets and practices, I remember watching and hearing some of my teammates complain everyday about having to run in the eat or being “too tired” to do the workouts our coaches had given us.

Or even during track meets, after runners had finished the race, they would be unsatisfied or they would show an act of outrage by throwing a little fit at the finish line for not breaking their personal record. I even remember sometimes after some of my races when I wasn’t happy with my results, I would put myself down in the dumps and feel completely disappointed for days or even weeks after. Even though I was able to relate to the Special Olympics runners by seeing them finish their races, I was able to observe this in a completely different, uplifting way. They all finished with a positive spirit no matter what their results were.

If only I could bring all my old teammates to watch this yearly event; I’d show them that life shouldn’t always be about winning or being ahead of everyone. It should be about using your results and taking something positive out of it. This should apply to all aspects of life, not Just sports. You Just have to make the best of your situation. Growing up struggling with the obstacles life has thrown at me, and all my insecurities I have dealt with, I now Just give myself a minder of how thankful I actually am for all my flaws and differences from others around me.

Everyone may appear differently on the outside, but it’s the spirit and heart that you carry with you on the inside that should really count. These adults and children with intellectual disabilities are Just like everyone else in this world but with a unique gift. This literacy is significant to me because it has had a huge impact on how I view this world and people. All my past experiences at the Special Olympics have continued to help me recognize the positive light in every given situation no matter what.

Seeing all the success and smiles on others can be so inspiring. Sometimes I still find myself in situations where I Just want to give up, but I am able to bring myself back to that day I got to meet Michael, and immediately remind myself to smile and to stay Autocue on want all I could conclave IT I Keep my eye on ten Darling sloe. Looking Dick at all my time spent at the Special Olympics, I now know that this is really true: it is an event full of differences and acceptance. “Anything conceivable is achievable”, and all those mentally disabled athletes are living proof.

Is volunteering important for young peoplehhhh

Is volunteering important for young people? Nowadays some people think that volunteering opportunities have dramatically developed, you can choose from a wide variety of options. In many countries some people cannot find time to volunteering. But why is volunteering important? Firstly, Volunteering helps you make new friends and contacts. Lat is means that Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, especially if you are new to an area. Also It is a great way to learn new things Secondly, Volunteering combats depression.

Reducing he risk of depression is another important benefit of volunteering. A key risk factor for depression is social isolation. Volunteering keeps you in regular contact with others and helps you develop a solid support system, which in turn protects you against stress and depression when you’re going through challenging times. Working with pets and other animals has also been shown to improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Thirdly, Volunteering can provide career experience. Its means that Volunteering offers you the chance to try out a new career.

Besides Is also a read way to gain experience in a new field. In some fields, you can volunteer directly at an organization that does the kind of work you’re interested in. For example, If you’re interested in nursing, you could volunteer at a hospital or a nursing home. Your volunteer work might also expose you to professional organizations or internships that could be of benefit to your career. In conclusion,l believe that It’s an opportunity for everyone to become Like Christ..

Induction for Students and Volunteers

Induction for Students and Volunteers Welcome to our setting, you have use of the locker room in which you must store your belongings, please make sure that you leave your mobile phone in your locker and do not use It In the building, If you need to make an urgent call you may use the settings phone. Staff toilets, please make sure you lock the door when you have finished. Our polices and procedures You will be given a copy of our policies and procedures, which your supervisor will go wrought with you, any questions please ask your supervisor.

You will also be given a copy of our handbook and newsletter please read these and direct any questions to your supervisor. Health and Safety Fire exits and assembly points-in the event of a fire or evacuation please leave the building through the garden and wait there until the register is checked. Please comply with the correct lifting procedures displayed in the kitchen. Two people are required to lift heavy objects. You must work In a safe way at all times.

You are responsible for your own safety In the clothing and footwear you have on. Any incidents and accidents need to be recorded and reported to your supervisor. Confidentiality- Please read the confidentiality policy before you start work. Under no circumstances must you discuss confidential information on Faceable/Twitter or other social networking sites. Check list Introduction to staff explanation of line manager structure . Have a copy of the Policy and Procedures.

Have a copy of our Handbook and Newsletter First Aid Box Fire Drill and fire exits Equal Opportunities Daily routine Rules Tort parents collecting c Noreen . Staff roots . Locker room and where to lock aware valuables and mobile phone . Tour of premises . Where to find Children’s Register . Pay procedures . Admit staff . Contracts Pay and time sheets You will have ongoing support and guidance from you Manager/Supervisor. You will also have Supervision time, PDP also Identification of training needs.